Nicola Rudd

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Nicola is reasonably new to the paediatric team, she has made a huge difference across the floor and her organisational skills are exceptional. Nothing is ever too much for this lady, she will help everyone and anyone is any way possible.

Though she works weekends her presence and what she does rolls over into the weekdays which helps all teams tremendous amounts. She is smiley, happy, passionate, professional and caring. I could not ask for a better work colleague.

Nicola has settled into the CAU team amazingly well especially when joining the team during these difficult times. She has met all the challenges of CAU head on and is always asking if there is anything more she can do to make the nurses jobs easier. She is always smiling and welcoming to the patients and their families. Nicola is a fantastic asset to the CAU team!”

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