Paediatric Secretaries – Plymouth

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“The Paediatric Department has been under constant pressure with increasing patient workload and increasing number of consultants but not increasing administrative workforce to keep up. The Paediatric secretaries have been working very hard during those years of constant changes to provide the high administrative standards expected by the Trust by working as a team and seeking new ways to collaborate more efficiently.
Our Paediatric secretaries are more than typists and filing clerks. They are the shoulders for the parents and staff to lean on to in the time of needs due to their compassion and their professionalism. They are the vital workforce who support the communication between management and clinical workforce within the Trust but also with the community. We can not work and live without them, their care and skills which are often overlooked and undervalued in this health service cooperation. “

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