Louise Pickett

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“Dedicated and passionate – superstar! Louise is committed to the families she works with and cares for on the Neonatal Unit.
She provides care, support and empowers parents through their journey, instilling confidence with her comprehensive knowledge of Infant feeding. She is part of the Neonatal Nutrition team, educating Neonatal nursing and Medical staff as well as a member of the Infant feeding team on Transitional Care.

She led the Neonatal team to full accreditation status for the Baby Friendly Initiative, educating the team with her innovative and influential style. She has become an incredibly valuable member of the Neonatal Team, working well above her job role first dictated. This month she has commenced her Nurse Associate training and there is no doubt that Louise will continue to lead the way with her appetite for making a difference, always striving for excellence “

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