Cindy Allen

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“Cindy has been a part of Polkerris for many years and is indispensable. She strives to support parents and patients every shift in any way she can. She goes out of her way to get to know patients in order to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible. Alongside this she is constantly ensuring the ward is clean and tidy with adequate stock and supplies. She uses her own initiative frequently when we are busy to support us with tasks. She gives everything she has to the role as a healthcare assistant and is always looking for ways to develop her skills and knowledge. Knowing Cindy is on shift with you instantly calms us as nurses as we know she will go out of her way to support us in anyway she can.
Cindy is very hard working, and an excellent advocate for her patients. No job is too big for Cindy, and her many years experience really help the ward team, particularly in challenging times. Thank you Cindy for all that you do- you are amazing!

Cindy has been part of the Polkerris team for a very long time and she makes a real difference to our team. Cindy is so hardworking – she never stops. She always ensures the ward is clean ,tidy and topped up at all times. As nurse in charge you are always delighted when Cindy is on. No task is too big if you ask her to do something .Cindy is always keen to help on other wards if they are short staffed .Cindy always strives to improve herself to extend her role therefore improving on the care she can give her clients i.e. cannulation and blood taking. This is not always easy for Cindy being dyslexic- but this never stops her and she just works harder. Everyone in Polkerris team love her. She is always cheerful ,chatty and is really good for morale. She has really high standards and reports anything that is amiss to the nurse in charge. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and a very experienced HCA and she is very supportive of student nurses and newly qualified staff nurses. Most importantly Cindy is excellent with our clients and their families and gives exemplary care. She especially excels in caring for the children who require long term care or children with life limiting illness. Cindy is well deserving of this award .”

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