Amanda Pearse

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Amanda joined our team a few years ago, she wanted to work with children but I feel she was rather unsure as to what to expect. She came at a time when we had a fair bit of mental health problems on the ward, she sat in the background for a bit listening and learning at first , she then developed a role and that being quite important and was able to connect with the children and be a huge amount of support for them, despite being hit and abused by some of them it didn’t put her off, she carried on learning and achieving a great rapport with many of our Mental Health Patients, she developed a great amount of trust. between them and herself, she also noticed when Senior members of staff needed support and done this with discreetness, she has definitely been an added bonus to our team in many other ways a much valued team member and colleague.

Amanda works incredibly hard on the ward and is willing to help everyone out who needs it. She does brilliantly with the more difficult patients we can get on Wildgoose and is often asked to do things that could be considered outside of her role and does so without a second ask. She is greatly appreciated by many people and is a pleasure to work with on shift. Always brings a smile to the faces of people around her, staff and patients.

Amanda goes above and beyond as her role in a Health Care Assistant, she remains professional throughout tough times, she is caring, offers support and encouragement to patients and families. Amanda will offer help wherever is needed and is quick to support her colleagues.”

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