Paediatric Emergency Department Team – Plymouth

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Always inspirational and great team work. POSITIVITY 100%

This team has had lots of changes from managers, to staff shortage, to difficult skill mix and yet they manage to create a safe, calm and caring department for the children to be attended to.
During coronavirus they worked under extreme pressure to cover cc2, Nuffield and green ED, often with very few staff!
They all recognise a sick child early and demonstrate excellent clinical knowledge and skills, many of them more than is expected of their short paed careers.
They are an awesome team to work alongside and should be proud of the care and kindness they provide in often stressful and difficult working environments.

I am so proud to be part of this team. They have been frontline during the pandemic and remained a strong, supportive team despite the challenges we faced. They have had to provide extra reassurance to parents and children having to attend without their co-parent or family to support them during a scary and uncertain time. They had to adapt the department and way of working very quickly and still strived to provide safe and efficient care. They continued to advocate for the children and families.

This year has been very challenging and this team has stepped up to the plate particularly through how difficult this year has been. They’ve faced every challenge thrown at them which hasn’t been easy, especially with covid and having 99 percent of patients sent in to hospital via them. They’ve had the highest workload, they have protected the other children’s areas in the hospital and delivered amazing care!!! They have worked with wider teams, particularly the paediatric doctors and have made them feel warm one which has improved team working and relationships – well done!!!

The ED paeds team are amazing, whatever is thrown at them they cope with always with a smile on their face, I can’t think of a better team of nurses to work with.”

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