Elizabeth Young

Nominated for Allied Health Professional of the Year Award

Physicians Associate at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

I have only worked with Beth for a few months but already can see what an amazing asset she is to the team. She is a physician associate and is monumental to the daily running of the team. She is always willing to support colleagues and was so helpful on our first nights when I was un-familiar with the IT systems. She is always cheerful and approachable. She has a lovely bedside manner and is kind and empathetic to all our children and families. She has excellent clinical knowledge and practical skills and is a pleasure to work with.
Beth has been a fabulous addition to our team. She continues to improve her confidence and expand her capabilities. She is enthusiastic, flexible, friendly, approachable, conscientious, communicates well and is a generally fantastic colleague and much respected member of the team. We feel incredibly lucky to have her. Well done Beth!
very helpful. excellent PA, vast clinical knowledge, organized, hardworking
Simply fantastic person to work with. Beth is our Paediatric Physicians Associate. She is an incredibly hard worker, with exceptional clinical abilities, which she is constantly striving to develop further. She shoulders significant clinical responsibility and is trusted completely by the nursing and medical staff she works with in the team. She is also lush to work with, and is always cheerful, funny and enthusiastic.
She is brilliant with neonates, children, young people and their families, and is developing increasingly subspecialist clinical nuance and technical skill, which sets her above her peers on the SHO rota.
As well as being a reliable and great team member to work with, Beth also shoulders the brunt of the SHO locum shifts to ensure that the department continues to run smoothly and safely. She does all of this whilst occupying a position in the strange limbo of a subspeciality Physicians Associate, however, it is clear she is keen to use this as an opportunity, as she explores what she is able to do to develop her role. Beth has actively sought out additional clinical experience in Outpatients and is making use of the RCPCH training portfolio to evidence her CPD.
Beth is an absolute lynch-pin in our Tier 1 rota, and is a source of huge comfort and stability for our rotating SHOs. She now helps with the SHO induction process, and is the point of contact and advice as they go through their Paediatric rotations.
You’re fantastic, Beth. Keep it up!

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