Wendy Moon

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Wendy is just all round amazing. The kids love her and the staff love her. She is an incredible asset to our department. Wendy is a joy to work with, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t laugh when she is on a shift. She is very supportive, not only within her own area, but will always offer help on CAU or the wards if CYPOD is quiet. She is very clear with patients and their families and provides an efficient service for them.

When the dark times came this year there was one person to lift our spirits….. Wendy!! Doing something so small as little tik tok’s and sharing them with us all was the light to lift the mood and make us all smile during the toughest of times!! It honestly gave lots of people a great boost and left us wanting more!!
Not only does Wendy provide the smiles and the laughs she is an excellent team player, not only supporting her own unit on CYPOD but will be the first person if the unit is quiet to offer her help to the other wards and especially CAU. Always offering that if we are busy and need bloods or cannula’s Wendy is there to offer her help!

Wendy is always full of fun and kept us all entertain in lock down with her Tic Tocs. Wendy always offers her help on CAU if she has any spare time.

One word that describes Wendy Moon is INCREDIBLE, this woman keeps everyone smiling, laughing to the point of almost crying, both inside and outside of work don’t let the burly exterior scare you shes as soft as a baby’s bottom. She knows how to judge different patients needs and adjusts accordingly. Wendy will help anyone that needs it, she is a valuable member of the Paediatric team”

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