Lynsey Goss

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Lynsey has so much knowledge and experience considering she hasn’t been nursing for many years.
Lynsey is constantly reading articles, books and any information she can find to improve her knowledge. Lynsey always Strives to improve herself daily! This has been a great support for me working here encouraging and supporting me, making me feel like no question is a silly question. Lynsey will never give me a blunt answer she will always expand the reasons behind why we do things in a certain way. Lynsey is always willing to step up and take charge in situations that she needs to, and is never alarmed by this. Lynsey also is willing to support the senior nurses within their roles, especially within HDU. Lynsey is never sat around not doing anything and will always find jobs to support the ward. “

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