Claire McCaffrey

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Claire is the fountain of all knowledge, if you don’t know anything just ask Claire as she always has the answer. Claire is a valid member of staff on CAU and helps out wherever she can especially when looking after the ward fish (Gary and Co.) Claire was also helpful when the fish tank was broken. Thank you Claire, for all you do.

I literally have no idea how Claire keeps everything she does in her head at once. She knows all the numbers, all the emails and where all the notes are. It’s like magic. The department runs noticeably more smoothly when she is around. She is also great fun and does a bang-up job taking care of those fish!

Claire seems to be a fountain of all knowledge and is always happy to help where she can. She works hard and often goes above and beyond. She is very organised and a pivotal cog in the smooth running of CAU. Claire holds CAU together! If Claire doesn’t know then no-one does!

Claire is an outstanding member of the CAU/CHDU team, and absolute asset that we treasure. Her ability as a ward clerk and her compassion she shows her colleagues is inspiring. CAU/CHDU would not run half as efficient if we did not have Claire by our sides. She puts a smile on your face when need it, and a listening ear that we all need. She is always there as a helping hand to fellow wards and always helps to her best ability. Since CAU has recently been unsuccessful at acquiring a evening ward clerk (mon-sun) Claire has been the knight in shining armour that we need has also partially taken on this role. She has amazing team working ethic with all multidisciplinary teams and aims to offer support/services where she can.

Claire is an amazing team player. She always ensures to do her upmost to empower her colleagues (i.e- nurses)to perform their tasks to the best ability, for example, fulfilling her job role and beyond this at times to help others. Claire is an excellent educator to help others, for example training staff in her role to the best standard. Alongside Claire displaying a high level of professionalism in work, she also brings a sense of humour and character to work, thus making those hard-working days that little less tough! An amazing ward Clerk who goes above and beyond she is efficient and uses her initiative in order to improve our service and support the whole team.”

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