Mohammed Shahjehan

Nominated for The Kate Westwood Memorial Award for Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

Currently works at University Hospitals Plymouth

“Shahj is an absolute pleasure to work with. As nursing staff he always ensures he has discussions with us about our patients, taking time to explain unfamiliar terms. He’s been known to educate whole wards of staff on shift! His knowledge is incredible! He is approachable, caring and treats us all as a team.

Shahj came to the trust as a senior this year, and he absolutely excelled from the start. He always has a calming manner, is approachable to the multidisciplinary team and has a smile on his face with staff and families. He is proactive in his approach, and is supportive of others and their opportunities. He is a great role model for our juniors to look up to, and aspire to be like.

Shahj is a legend! Having recently joined the level 12 team he is loved by everyone and is such a valuable team member. When you see that Shahj is on shift you know it’s going to be a good day, with his friendly personality and big smile.
Sharhj has excellent clinical judgement and is willing to share his knowledge and skills with everyone. I have learnt so much from him in the short period of working with him.
Sharhj is extremely supportive of the nursing staff and will always advocate for us, if we every have any concerns regarding our patients Sharhj will listen without judgement and will never dismiss our worries.
He has an amazing relationship with patients and their families and will always take the time to understand their concerns and worries showing great compassion when providing excellent care.

A fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable and empathetic registrar. Always makes time for all members of the multidisciplinary team, listening to their concerns and encouraging their contributions. A superb teacher, adapting lessons to the target audience well. Has excellent interaction with families and young children and always puts the child first. ”

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