Katie Pearson

Nominated for The Kate Westwood Memorial Award for Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

Currently works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“Katie goes above and beyond in her care of paediatric patients.
When she is on shift, the patients and parents of which she cares for receive the upmost of professionalism from her. Katie ensures the child and family feel they are being listened to whilst ensuring they get the care which is required.
I feel comfortable in any scenarios where Katie takes the lead. She demonstrates excellent leadership with clear and precise instruction, she is well liked by the wider team and an excellent role-model.
Katie is one of the most supportive Registrars I have worked with and cares about her nursing colleagues also.

Katie is one of our registrars on Bramble. She is one of the most approachable doctors that I have ever worked with, and always goes above and beyond to help her colleagues and also her patients. She is an excellent doctor and a role model to all other healthcare professionals that she works with. I have always felt completely supported by Katie, in decisions that I have made and also when I have had questions or doubts about certain situations. There have been some extremely busy night shifts with some really unwell children, and Katie as our senior doctor has always been incredible. Despite how busy we have been, and how unwell the patients have been, she always delivers her care with compassion and kindness whilst ensuring effective communication to all involved. She is a true asset to the team and she truly deserves recognition.”

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