Jess Pales

Nominated for The Kate Westwood Memorial Award for Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“Jess works tirelessly to support patients with eating disorders. She is always friendly and approachable, and keen to share her knowledge with others.

Jess is a fantastic senior doctor. Her passion for her patients is apparent in both her mannerism with them and the way she plans their care with the wider team. Jess is kind, compassionate and incredibly open minded and this is shown through her tireless efforts to provide and maintain excellent care packages for her patients and also strong working relationships with the ward team. Jess always makes time for questions, concerns and debriefs with nursing staff on the ward when difficult situations arise and she is very approachable. Jess is open to suggestions from all members of the healthcare team and continually strives to ensure that the care of eating disorder patients is of the highest quality and follows up to date thinking in this challenging area. Jess strives to make her care plans accessible, clear and utilises the new electronic system to its best to highlight any changes in plans to ensure seamless delivery of care. Despite having taken on a specialty that is challenging and at times thankless, Jess has persevered and made the role her own.

Jess is an amazing doctor who works tirelessly with our children and young people in her role as one of the specialist eating disorders paediatricians. She is professional but remains warm and shows great skill in her ability to empathise with and show compassion to the children and young people we work with as well as the family members supporting them. Jess is a such a considerate member of this team, always taking time to check that colleagues are okay and considering different ways of manging patient care to ensure this remains central but that it is also achievable by the ward team who ultimately deliver it. Jess is an excellent colleague and I am so grateful to have her as part of our team.

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