Annie Jane

Nominated for The Kate Westwood Memorial Award for Senior Hero (ST4-8 & SAS doctors)

Currently works at Exeter SARC

Annie Jane recently joined our team at Exeter Paediatric SARC as a speciality doctor. Personally I am always overjoyed when I am working with Annie. She always makes me feel like I am a part of the team and that there is no hierarchy. Her communication skills are second to none, she is always checking in with myself and other members of the team and allocating workloads fairly. She is aware of her limitations and always seeks advice and opportunity to develop herself. With patients she is kind and empathetic with a trauma informed attitude but with professionals is a strong advocate. Prior to coming to Exeter SARC Annie worked for sexual health and her knowledge that she has bough over has been an assets to the team. She will always make time to help and teach you. She is through in every paediatric case that she works to ensure that they get not only their forensic and medical needs but holistically too ensuring they are able to access ISVA and therapeutic support. It is a pleasure to work with Annie, I could not hope for a better colleague.

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