Beth Young

Nominated for Multidisciplinary Hero Award

Works as a Physician Associate at Torbay & South Devon

Beth is the glue in the drs rota! So knowledgable and well respected amongst the whole team. Everyone’s go to and always so modest no matter how many people tell her she’s amazing! Beth leads by example, her skills within the team are invaluable and diverse it never fails to amaze me how much she knows and how adaptable she is in so many situations. So laid back, taking it all in her stride always with the patients and their families best interests at the forefront. Beth is an excellent Physician Associate and is well respected amongst her colleagues and the families she helps to care for.

Beth is a fantastic colleague to work with. She is hard working and always provides help and support for her colleagues. She is friendly and fun to work with. Beth has an excellent bedside manner and is always kind and considerate with patients and their families.

Beth is amazing! She is one of our physician associates and knows the department inside out! She is the go to person for everything, always happy to help others! She is always cheerful and a pleasure to work with, she has great team working skills and is always willing teach others and empower them in their role to progress! She has fantastic communication skills with children, families and colleagues and is a very popular member of the team!

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