Chloe Sheath

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Doctor Hero Award 2021

It is always a pleasure when you see that Chloe is on shift. She is forever smiling and happy whilst at work, even on the busiest of days managing to lift spirits. She is dedicated to paediatrics and this has been shown through her commitment to joining the programme. She explains things clearly to patients and parents, with good feedback from them. Chloe is keen to help support the team in any way she can, including clinically and research/audits. She is a delight and I look forward to seeing her progress throughout her career.

Excellent team work and support for visiting specialty
Chloe works tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care, she gains the confidence of both the children and their families by being open and caring. Chloe strives to make sure things happen meaning the team can work more effectively. She is often found dashing between the different areas of level 12 making sure that all the jobs are completed to ensure that the patients and the nursing staff are happy with the plans and to ensure discharges aren’t delayed. As well as this Chloe is a ray of sunshine on level 12 and this shows in her interactions with all of the team and with her patients.

Chloe is an amazing SHO and a credit to paediatrics. It is a pleasure to work with Chloe and to have witnessed her grow in her training. She is hard working, enthusiastic and nothing is ever to much trouble. Chloe has a fantastic relationship with both patients and their families, she shows great compassion and will strives to provide the best care possible.
Chloe is a fantastic support to the nursing staff and will never dismiss any of the nursing concerns, she will always listen without hesitation and respond to our concerns. Chloe is an excellent advocate not only for her patients and families but also for her colleagues, she is such a supportive team member.

She is one of those SHO’s you can rely on when the chaos hits and can turn a rubbish day into a good day! Chloe is bubbly, cheerful and always comes to work with a smile which is infectious!! I am so grateful that Chloe is back on Level 12 and have the privilege to work with her!!

Chloe is a great colleague. She is sincere and serious about paediatrics but also great fun to work with and fantastic at putting children at ease. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside her in several projects and she has shown exemplary dedication to paediatric research and QI. She really excelled as an instructor at a local Diabetes Study day for nurses, which is particularly admirable given that she is only at the start of her Paediatric career.

Chloe is an excellent member of the team. She worked in the department as an F2 and then at times during her “”F3 year””. We are delighted that she has now joined us as a paediatric ST1. Chloe is very reliable and I know that if I ask her to do a job this will be completed quickly, efficiently and effectively. She is always cheerful and works exceptionally hard.
Fantastic doctor with such a calming and reassuring nature. She is great with families and children and works amazingly well with the nursing teams.

Chloe is clearly absolutely dedicated to paediatrics. She worked very hard to get into the paediatric training programme. She demonstrates her commitment daily with how hard she works to ensure all the patients are well looked after. She is responsible and dependable as an SHO on shift. Chloe’s interactions with children are exemplary. She makes sure all the children and parents she looks after are at ease and comforted. She shows great empathy.

Chloe is always supportive to the nurses and makes sure their concerns are acted upon. She also supports her peers and indeed even her seniors. She makes the department much more cheerful with her cheerful manner and pro-active attitude.
Chloe is an extremely reliable and hard working doctor. She is a valuable asset to the paediatric team and always strives to do her absolute best for all patients and their families. Her love and passion for paediatrics spreads around the whole team and makes for a better and more enjoyable working environment. It is so clear that she loves coming to work for every shift! She has excellent knowledge and clinical skills and is always happy to help her colleagues. Her relationship with the entire multidisciplinary team is also excellent as she is always so approachable for all!
Always enthusiastic, keen to assist with any nursing concerns about a patient. Approachable, consciousness very caring approach to patients

Chloe is just always full of life, happy, smiling and will lift the spirit of any atmosphere when she walks into a room. She is always so thorough in her examinations with patients, making them feel at ease and taking a genuine interest in their presentation. Chloe will go out of her way to make the patients and their families in her care feel welcome and will get down to the child’s level to communicate and play with them. She always takes the time to stop what she is doing and help others, whether its offering advice, teaching or just lending an ear to voiced opinion. She is a delight to have on the paediatric medical team and is an asset to level 12 at UHP
For always smiling and going above and beyond to support the team.

Chloe is a pleasure to work alongside! Has fabulous time management, treating both patients on the wards and on the assessment unit. She is amazing with all ages of paediatrics and makes both parents and patients feel comfortable and at ease.
Chloe is a fantastic doctor. She was a clinical fellow with us over the past year and has now started her Paeds ST1, much to the delight of the team. She is hardworking, enthusiastic, keen to learn and is popular with all members of the MDT (and especially the patients). Chloe really cares about the patients she looks after and does her best to provide them with the best care. As a registrar, it is an absolute pleasure to work with Chloe and I always look forward to working with her (and also am relieved when I see her name on the rota!). This nomination is well deserved – Thank you for all your hard work!

Chloe is proactive, supportive and reliable. A good communicator and team player. Helpful to senior and junior colleagues. Never hesitate to fill the gap . Chloe takes feedbacks well to develop further.

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