Courtney Etheridge

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“I love it so much when I see Courtney is working in HDU. Her experience, knowledge and clinical instincts are second to none. As a junior registrar having her support is invaluable.

Courtney has blossomed in CHDU, by pushing herself and constantly striving to improve the care she gives and also the environment that we all work in. She is always a pleasure to work with, has a smile on her face and is a real team player. She spends a lot of her time supporting the team, be that medical, nursing or students by providing formal and ad hoc training. People feel able to approach her with questions or for support due to her friendly and kind nature. Regularly Courtney supports the seniors of both the nursing and medical team to fulfil their roles.

It is a pleasure to work with Courtney. She always has a smile and is very approachable. Courtney helps out in anyway she can, which is a great support to have. Courtney is an excellent teacher, I have had the privilege to learn from her. I have seen Courtney teaching colleagues as well as students her knowledge and experience. She is a great asset to the team!

Courtney embodies a vastly experienced senior nurse despite far more than her actual years of service. She continues to build and actively gain new experience as well as being a pleasure to work with. She is a patient advocate in CHDU, not afraid to share sensible and well thought out clinical ideas and you would ignore her at your peril as she is always right. She has also progressed her management skills rapidly from recent observations of being nurse in charge. In spite of this vast skill set for me she is a clear natural educator and I have had the pleasure to observe her teaching both medical and nursing teams and her skill in this field is immense and this is not just by me but several people across the emergency department and children’s ward.

Courtney is a wonderful nurse, she is always smiling and is very caring and professional with her patients and their families. Courtney advocates for her patients and is supportive in teaching her skills to the more junior and inexperienced nursing staff. It is a pleasure to work with and learn from Courtney.

What a breath of fresh air and such a knowledgeable individual she is. There is nothing that Courtney can’t do! she is an amazing advocate for her patients and will take every patient to heart, caring for them as if they were one of her own. She is this beacon of knowledge in HDU, always teaching and sharing her knowledge no matter who you are. She taught me all about the ventilators in a way in which you can actually remember and feel like you have learnt something. Courtney is always on hand to help anyone no matter who you are, she can’t do enough to help you and always steps up to the mark if a senior level decision needs to be made. As much as Courtney is an amazing, focused nurse on a professional level, she also has the amazing skills to transfer these on a personal level. Courtney was empathetic and able to share her experiences with me after I went through a really difficult shift that I was struggling to come to terms with. She pulled up a chair, closed the door and took the time to listen to me, advised me and most of all, provided that hug that I needed! She is an inspiration to work along side and there seems to be nothing that she can’t do. She is a role model for her peers and is an exceptional, text book nurse, striving to meet the NMC principles on a daily basis. No job is too big or too small, she is always there. It is very very clear that Courtney loves what she does and is a valued senior member of the team!”

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