Polkerris Ward – Truro

Nominated for Team of The Year Award

Team from Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

“The most incredible and supportive team I could have hoped to be a part of! Thankyou team Polkerris for being so hard working and so wonderful! The whole team in Paediatrics is dedicated and focused on delivering the best care possible. They work well with all of the specialist nurses.
The team has been through a lot this year ! From senior team members leaving for other posts displaced members or staff due to COVID and being recognised as the ‘red’ ward nothing has wavered the teams morale , spirit or general sense of togetherness !
In what has been uncertain times, team Polkerris has shone as a place I’m proud to call my place of work. Every single team member from ward clerks to the management team have pulled together to make some of the darkest days a privilege to be involved in .

I’m so proud to call Polkerris my place Of work your all amazing and I wouldn’t want to be with any other team! Thanks to you all !!! X

The Polkerris & PAU nursing team are absolutely amazing! They work so hard in challenging circumstances often with very unwell children. They are super skilled, hard working and approachable. They are also fun and friendly and a great team. They have been through a tough few months and morale is low so I feel that winning an award would make an amazing difference to team morale and encourage them. We all highly value them as a team and couldn’t do it with out them – they are fabulous””

I have never known a group of people come together and work so hard in the face of adversity. Both wards have worked alongside each other (as never done before) to ensure patient and staff safety. Everyone has moved out of their comfort zones and stepped up to new challenges. The two teams used to be separate ward areas but we are working together in the best interest of our patients, families and staff and creating a new culture across the floor that I am so proud to be a part of.

I have only joined this team in the last 2 years but made to feel welcome and a valued member of the team. They have shown great caring and support through difficult times in the pandemic and through personal difficulties which had I worked anywhere else I don’t think I’d have been able to get through. This team pulls together through busy and hard times. I know this group of people will always help out no matter what. They are a pleasure to work with
An amazing team of nurses and health care professionals. Since joining the team for my placement they have been truly supportive and great in helping to develop my skills. I can’t wait to join when I qualify.

This is an outstanding team made up of HCA’s, nurses, students, doctors, pharmacist, physios, ward clerks, kitchen staff, cleaners. A team that is so respectful of each other and constantly work together to ensure a constant delivery of high standard care. The team are always looking for ways to improve, sharing ideas or experiences, teaching or pulling together during difficult times, empowering each other. This team is like a family which pulls together when you need to and always has your back. My Polkerris Family”

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