Bev Anderson

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice Award

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Bev is a Paediatric Diabetes Nurse Specialist at North Devon. Over the last year Bev has held the North Devon Paediatric Diabetes Team together and continued to provide excellent care and support for her patients as well as provide teaching and mentorship for other staff. Bev has had to deal with many recent challenges to the NDDH diabetes service including the loss of the lead consultant, integrating with RD&E diabetes consultants (then changing plans again), staff sickness, loss of psychology and dietician services and all this during a worldwide pandemic!

Bev has been massively supportive of new nursing and medical staff who have recently joined the diabetes team. Bev juggles her role as Diabetes CNS with regular shifts on the ward and always takes time to pass on her knowledge of diabetes to the ward staff. During this time Bev has also helped launch the new DKA Guideline at NDDH providing teaching sessions for the nurses and doctors. With the help of RD&E Diabetes consultants Bev has also introduced the Diasend (BM meter download) technology into the clinics. Bev has also had to manage the COVID changes and successfully negotiated the introduction of video & telephone consultations despite being somewhat technophobic! Bev has continued to provide home visits, school education, pump starts and on call diabetes service all through the pandemic. Bev’s communication is always on point and her no nonsense attitude and straight talk helps empower her patients to manage their diabetes as best as they can.”

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