Megan Tombling

Peninsula trainee

“Megan is a whirlwind and a tornado mixed into one. She is super efficient at all aspects of work. She has completed all of her exams by the end of ST2 while also managing teaching rota coordination and at the same time superbly reliable and an excellent team player. She is always available for her peers to talk to and will support them pastorally or clinically depending on the need. She has an excellent manner with patients and their parents who really appreciate her efficiency and honesty. She is keen to learn but is also pro-active with decision making.

She is always polite, approachable, always happy. She has excellent prescription and note writing. Megan is a fantastic doctor and will do well in her career. She is a pleasure to work with.

Organised and professional, very thorough in everything she does. Hard working and has excellent communication skills. She is just the best! Wow!”

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